Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hellhounds of Eldorado County

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In response to a tv interview i'm going to be conducting in April, i thought i'd write a little about the Hellhounds of Eldorado Canyon.

Not many adventure seekers venture off the beaten path to the Eldorado Canyon area. Several old 19th century mining town remnants remain in the area which few outisders rarely see. Among these ghost towns sits the town of Nelson, Nevada.

The legends of the hellhounds date back to about the 1850's when the first settlers came to the area. Tales of strange, large creatures similar to modern day dogs and "ghost hounds" started popping up periodically.

Some of the very first hellhound sighting reports came from miners who would see large wolf-like creatures prowling near their mines "wandering for an eternity." Some say that these were spirits of the mines original owners who would leave behind dogs to guard their claims as they went into town or left temporarily.

Another popular theory is that these hellhounds originate from a local indian named Queho.

 As the local indian tribes lef tthe area as the settler populations increased, several renegade "outlaw" indians stayed behind, hell bent on guarding the land that was theirs. One of these indians who started a posse was known as Queho. Queho stayed behind with a outbreak of pure terror on the Nelson townspeople. Queho was notorious or raiding the town and killing numerous settlers and miners up until the early 1900s. After years of skirmishes with the settlers, Queho and his posse literally vanished until 1940 when Queho's mummified body was found in a nearby cave. Some say that the hellhounds are a result of Queho's rage and a curse he is said to have cast on the land.

From my personal expeditions to the area and sighting reports i've collected over the years, this creature is very puzzling. Some reports have claims of ghostly phenomena while others seem to report a living, breathing cryptid.

One report that i found very intriging involved a group of outdoorsmen on atvs camping. On a hot summer night a few years back, while camping after a busy night of atv riding, several individuals seen what was described as a "devil dog" disappear in full view of everybody while they sat in their tent. There's a longer version of the story of course, but we'll save that for another time.

Although i'd like to post more about this cryptid, i have to refrain from giving away more information for the time being until my tv interview is over in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

REVISED 7/25/2012! Check out my updated, detailed hellhound post from 7/25/2012 for more information! Thanks!

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