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World UFO Day 2014! Ufo Awareness Post - UFO Communication In Light Form

Today is July 2, 2014 also known as World UFO Day! World UFO Day was made to raise awareness for ufology and the possibility of alien contact around the globe. For this year's post, I've decided to raise awareness for the possibility of alien contact using lights.

The subject of communicating with UFOs using lights may sound a little farfetched to some, but I think that we may be able to communicate with intelligent life forms from planets other than our own using various light tests. It's a known fact that many of the more widely known cases in ufology involve beams of light shining from flying saucers or alien beings in multiple forms. Some of the cases tend of lean towards the beams of light being a form of saying "hello" while others seem a bit more maniacal. While this phenomena is impressive as it is interesting, it hits close to home for myself.

Around 2008 or so I was involved in an encounter that I will never forget. I was on a UFO spotting trip in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area with my Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team members Tim and Brent late at night when we saw a red beam of light that seemed to be trying to communicate with our car.

The night began around 11:00 p.m. when were driving to the nearby mountains to test out some spotlights we were about to use in the upcoming months for a sasquatch expedition and look for some UFOs in the sky while we were out. We stopped in an area alongside the road and were flashing our spotlights at the mountains and sky for what seemed like around 15-20 minutes; just long enough to see that they actually worked. We didn't use any sort of definite blinking pattern or shine the light beams at a specific landmark. We got back into the car and drove down the Charleston Backway towards Las Vegas when we had our experience.

When we sat in the car, Brent was in the driver's seat, I was in the front passenger seat, and Tim was in the rear passenger seat behind the driver. We were carrying on a casual conversation when suddenly the whole car lit up red. It was a bright red similar to the shade of red you would see on a typical traffic light. The car lit up for about 5 seconds or so and just disappeared. There were no other cars out on the road at the time this happened and there are no traffic lights in the area that could have caused the flash. What was it? Why was it there? The only thing that we have thought of after all these years is that it must have come from a UFO somewhere nearby. The craft may have been shining a light beam back at us after it saw our light beams we were shining into the sky while we were stopped.

Some alleged alien abduction stories report beams of light shortly before the individuals black out. The two following reports are exerts from my upcoming book "Touchdown: An Investigative Look Into Nevada's UFO Crashes And Landings."

"Brittany is a middle-aged woman who grew up on the Duckwater Reservation. On one occasion she was having a fight with her boyfriend at the time and decided to leave the reservation and go for a long walk. She was jogging out of town and once she was a good distance from the reservation she saw a beam of bright white light hit the ground about 10 feet away from her. She blacked out and the next thing she knew, she woke up on the side of the road dazed and confused.

A related story was reported to me from a Eureka, Nevada resident who was driving to a summer festival at the Duckwater Reservation when he too encountered a strange beam of light. The man stated that he left the small town of Eureka around 6:00 p.m. to drive to Duckwater to visit friends and attend a festival that they hold each year. The trip was supposed to take around three hours on a mostly gravel road with minimal traffic.

Around 8:00 p.m. the man said that while driving on the gravel road, he saw what appeared to be a very bright star that was flashing off in the distance. He kept his eye on the star while driving and he reported that as he got closer to the reservation the object seemed to just “burn out” and reappear again where it was before. On one of the instances where it appeared to have burnt out, he said that suddenly three columns of very bright white light appeared in a triangle formation around his car and he blacked out. He awoke at 11:20 p.m. feeling nausea with the car idling and his seatbelt in the unlocked position. He swore to me that he always wears his seat belt and he knew that he had it fastened while he was driving. He thought that he may have been abducted by aliens (for lack of a better phrase) and they didn’t refasten his seat belt after their contact was over.

The facts tend to add-up to what is commonly reported in alien abduction cases. I study the abduction phenomena and it fascinates me. The beam / columns of light that paralyze those who are near or in them have been reported by countless witnesses to abduction cases. Take the Travis Walton abduction case from Arizona on November 5, 1975 for instance. Travis was engulfed in a beam of colored light and picked up off of the ground shortly before he disappeared. Brittany and the driver both reported the beams of light struck the ground close to where they were at and they blacked out. I don’t know what happened to them of course after they blacked out, but I can speculate the reasons why I think they were abducted by UFO’s."

The Donald Shrum Cisco Grove alien encounter involved a hunter in a remote forest near Lake Tahoe being chased up a tree by robotic-looking alien life forms. While up in the tree, the robotic beings shot mysterious puffs of smoke that were glowing at Mr. Shrum which caused him to pass out temporarily. Investigators Reuben Uriarte and Noe Torres thought that it may have been a form of condensed gas, but they're unsure of this. In that case the weapon itself appeared to be a light beam or cloud. If anybody does a quick search on Youtube of "UFOs battle over Earth" you'll find multiple video clips of UFOs firing what appears to be light projectiles at each other for unknown reasons. Its kind of mind boggling to think that they have advanced so far ahead of us that they don't even have physical projectiles like we do for our conventional weapons.

There's an incident that involved a police helicopter on the East Coast of the U.S. and a UFO that I saw on the Syfy channel's show "Paranormal Witness." The short version of the story is that the police were receiving calls of a strange green light hovering in the outskirts of a nearby wooded area and were sent out to investigate. A helicopter and ground crew were called out. Both the aerial and ground crews ascended on the object where it began to move slowly into what looked like an industrial area.

The officers followed the object until it stopped near a large set of trees. The police helicopter turned on it's spotlight to get a better look at the green sphere when it shot out a series of lights in the direction of the helicopter. The pilots described the incident like the beams of light were warning shots or projectiles attempting to down the helicopter.

In Frank Feschino's book "The Braxton County Monster: The Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed" there's an witness encounter where a flying saucer was seen shining a light on the ground towards a mountainside in West Virginia (Flatwoods) where another crashed flying object that was resting on the ground shortly after it had allegedly crashed. Frank told me in a 2010 podcast interview that he thought it may have been a searchlight looking for the craft's occupants.

A case that I'm working on currently has an object described as a "crashed aerial object of unknown origin" in the desert of the southwest. Using archived police radio recordings we can hear what police describe as strobing lights shooting into the sky coming from the object. To me it appears like the object was attempting to contact some other craft that was in the vicinity asking for help. It could have also been a weapon of some sort in an attempt to keep us humans away. Its hard to say really.

Using the information provided along with other sources, I think that UFO's and advanced life forms use lights as a source of weaponry and communication. If we do experiments in the field of ufology using lights of our own in different ways we may be able to not only be noticed, but make contact. I'll keep everybody updated on my research and findings in the future.

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