Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Updates! Updates! Updates!

With the summer of 2014 coming to an end I thought that I would give everybody an update on my research regarding Nevada's UFO crashes along with the writing progress of my upcoming book "Touchdown: An Investigative Look Into Nevada's UFO Crashes And Landings."

Since my last blog post I've been focusing heavily on writing in the book. I had to push back the original July / August release date because some very important information was found that changed several aspects of two of the cases. I thought about possibly going with the release date as planned but thought that adding the new information would make for a much better read.

Some of the updates include:

-The objects that appeared over Salt Lake City, Utah actually were being tracked by the USAF prior to collision.

-Individuals who were part of, or witnessed the military's clean-up efforts at the various crash sites gave additional descriptions on their involvement which helps answer the UFO "why" questions.

-More expert analysis and opinions on the rock samples.

-I decided to write out a chapter on the Blue Diamond, Nevada government base that I mentioned briefly in some of my media appearances. The base turns out that it isn't a base at all, but an elaborate underground system of tunnels that I researched. I found proof of it's existence from the individuals who traveled along them! I tell their stories and document my findings.

Overall, the book is coming along great! It's a shame that the release date had to be pushed back, but be assured that it's almost done. I'll be heading out of town again in a few weeks to do more casework in October if everything works out according to plan.

Before I finish up this post, I'd like to post my upcoming radio interviews that I currently have scheduled. I'll be speaking about much of what you just read amongst other updates.

Taken from the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Facebook page:

Join Jeremy Meador of the BFP Paranormal from Las Vegas, Nevada as he discusses his upcoming book "Touchdown: An Investigative Look Into Nevada's UFO Crashes And Landings."

Unknown Origins Radio Show
October 2 (Thursday)
8-10pm Eastern

Texas UFO Radio with Steve Hudgeons
October 21
6:00 pm Central

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